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A Kitchen Box is changing the way people plan, cook, eat and share food. AK | B is the original subscription for food lovers and home chefs who want to stay inspired. We bring kitchen inspiration to your mailbox and your inbox: a tangible, sensory experience every single week.

Our mission is to build your kitchen confidence, encourage brilliant cooking, and inspire you to share… a recipe, a note, a meal.

Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out, the kitchen is our common ground and the desire to stay inspired is our goal. Rather than just put food on your table, you want a greater experience. Nourishing and feeding your family is a daily practice that need not be burdensome or stagnant.


We scout for inspiration, create recipes, pull the pieces together, and pack it in a box that arrives in your mailbox once a month.

Each box includes something to see, taste, learn, and try.

We believe in the craft of life long learning. A Kitchen Box will equip you with information and connection to all things kitchen while exciting your senses and reminding you of the joy in trying something new.


Then, every week, you’ll receive an informative email with ideas, artisan interviews, product introductions and more recipes to enhance your kitchen experience and boost your confidence. Our original content helps you get the most out of the items in your box. We’re a source of inspiration, advice, and information. We’ll show you how to master techniques and upgrade your daily cooking with articles, expert interviews, recipes, and menu plans.


In our shop you’ll find AK |B merchandise, some of our favorite kitchen items, and our previously released boxes.


It’s our hope that you’ll learn new things and share them with others. Invite friends to dinner or send a note to a friend. Along with a beautifully, hand letter-pressed recipe, each box includes an original AK | B postcard for you to mail to a friend. We’ve even stamped it for you so all you have to do is write a note, address it, and drop it in the mail.

The art of gathering around the dinner table and of snail mail and the handwritten note are pieces of life that have become obsolete in our generation. We believe that life is meant to be shared and hope that AKB not only inspires you in the kitchen but encourages you to reach out and build relationships. The AK | B community is committed to this goal.

We also feel incredibly blessed with the natural resources and environment we get to share in the Pacific Northwest. And, we recognize that it’s a gift and we want to give back.  With every kitchen box purchase, we give $1 to The Children of Kenya Rogue Valley Orphanage Outreach: an Oregon foundation changing the lives of children simply by drilling wells… because every child deserves access to clean water.

Gray Oregon

We’re two Oregon girls talking all things kitchen. If you can’t decide which is the more perfect food, the egg or a good wedge of cheese, we know we’ll be fast friends.

Welcome to a kitchen box.

-Brooke & Ang